Curriculum Framer
Grant WigginsCurriculum Framer is a product conceived and overseen by Grant Wiggins, president of Authentic Education and co-creator of Understanding by Design™.

About Curriculum Framer

What's included in a subscription?

  • unit design tools
  • mapping and reporting tools
  • Access to our collection of over 240 contributed units

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Sharing Content and Co-Design

Content sharing is a core part of using Curriculum Framer. Sharing is built into every area of the software, and accomodates a variety of approaches and strategies.

Overarching Content
Curriculum Framer allows all users in a subscription to share overarching stage 1 goals, such as essential questions, understandings, state standards, and more.* The usage of these shared goals can be tracked and reported on at either an individual subscriber level or in a subscription-wide report.

Co-Designing Curriculum
Each unit in Curriculum Framer can have multiple designers. This allows teachers to develop curriculum together without working in the same location or even at the same time. Any of the designers can copy the co-designed unit and customize it to their individual needs.

Peer and Master Units
Subscribers can view and duplicate the work of their peers in the subscription through an easy to use search page. In addition, administrators can "elevate" exemplary curriculum by designating it as a master unit, making it available at all times to everyone in the subscription.

Element Searches
Stuck writing essential questions? Wondering if another social studies teacher has developed a good learning event for your unit? Want to use the assessment you wrote in the previous unit? Our element search can import any element from any available unit directly into your own unit. When you import a stage 2 assessment or stage 3 event, you can elect to import all of the aligned goals as well.

Feedback and Peer Review
Subscription peers can review each others units through use of a customizable rubric. They can also leave notes and comments about each section of the unit.

Contributed Units
All users of Curriculum Framer have access to our library of contributed units. The library includes content from a variety of subjects, with a focus on math and language arts. With close to two hundred example units at their fingertips, your staff will not be at a loss for examples and inspiration.