Curriculum Framer
Grant WigginsCurriculum Framer is a product conceived and overseen by Grant Wiggins, president of Authentic Education and co-creator of Understanding by Design™.

About Curriculum Framer

What's included in a subscription?

  • unit design tools
  • mapping and reporting tools
  • Access to our collection of over 240 contributed units

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Designing Curriculum

Curriculum Framer will help you design curriculum units quickly and effectively. Our Understanding by Design®-inspired unit template will guide you through each stage of the UbD process, and includes helpful tips on terminology and best practice. You can upload worksheets and other useful attachments to keep with your unit.

Alignment and Completeness Checking
Are your assessments aligned to your goals? Do your learning events and classroom activities also address those goals, and provide opportunity for the transfer of learning that your assessments will require?

Curriculum Framer has an advanced alignment system that ties each stage of your unit together. Through customizable system of rules, each stage of your unit will be assessed for completeness: missing rubrics, alignments, and other constructs will be revealed.

Overarching Content
When planning your goals, take advantage of point-and-click overarching content, including state standards, essential questions, understandings, and rubrics. Curriculum Framer can be configured to include a variety of ready-made content as well as enabling entry of your own overarching content. More information about state standards can be found in the left side menu.

Assessment and Event Categorization
Assessment and teaching style variation are important. Categorize learning events and tasks according to teaching style and group size. Mark assessment formats and note the cognitive strategies. Then, report on this data for single or multiple units and find out which areas receive too much, or too little, focus.

Scheduling and Time Line
When the design-work is complete, schedule units by calendar date and classroom. Use the scheduling information to chart your curriculum on a timeline. By scheduling multiple copies of the same unit, individualized notes for each class can be maintained and archived for future use.

Exporting Units
Your work can have a long life even after your subscription ends. You can export any of your units to a neatly-formated Microsoft Word document. Curriculum Framer will gather any attachments included in the unit and wrap them up in a zip file with the generated word document. This is also an ideal way to print units or edit them in ways beyond the scope of Curriculum Framer.