Curriculum Framer
Grant WigginsCurriculum Framer is a product conceived and overseen by Grant Wiggins, president of Authentic Education and co-creator of Understanding by Design™.

About Curriculum Framer

What's included in a subscription?

  • unit design tools
  • mapping and reporting tools
  • Access to our collection of over 240 contributed units

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There are many features in Curriculum Framer that are designed to be customized by subscription administrators. There are other areas where assistance from our staff is necessary. Below are some of the customizations that can be implemented by our staff for your subscription.

If you are interested in these customizations, please contact support.

State Standards and Other Data Importation
We can import any group of standards, or a collection of similar data, into the software. This will make it available through our standards interfaces for building units and reports.

$250 per standard subject (grades K-12)
Note: data that is not specifically state standards is priced similarly, according to the volume of data.

Custom Stage 1 Goals
The Understanding by Design® philosophy has been widely adopted and adapted in many schools. Depending on the needs of the institution, sometimes a new category of goal (stage 1) is needed. We can add a custom stage 1 element to your unit template.

$500 add New Stage 1 Goal category:
Note: price does not include import of overarching data.

Feedback Worksheet and Rubric
Curriculum Framer has a built-in feedback worksheet and rubric for assessing unit design. This worksheet can be customized to display the specific criteria desired by your school.

$350 custom criteria and rubric