Curriculum Framer
Grant WigginsCurriculum Framer is a product conceived and overseen by Grant Wiggins, president of Authentic Education and co-creator of Understanding by Design™.

About Curriculum Framer

What's included in a subscription?

  • unit design tools
  • mapping and reporting tools
  • Access to our collection of over 240 contributed units

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Administrative Features

While a powerful tool for individual users, Curriculum Framer has a range of features aimed at making supervision and oversite of multi-user subscriptions easy and effective. Administraters can control overarching content for the subscription, browse any subscription users units, generate targeted reports, and more.

Overarching Content Administration
Curriculum Framer allows all users in a subscription to share common sets of stage 1 goals, such as essential questions, understandings, state standards, and more.* The usage of these shared goals can be tracked and reported on at either an individual subscriber level or in a subscription-wide report.

Curriculum Reporting
Of course, administrators can browse any unit designed in the subscription. But they can also graph scheduled units on a timeline and generate many different reports on the designed curriculum. The stage 1 coverage reports will give you an in-depth report on the inclusion of overarching goals (such as standards or essential questions) in user designs, including degree of usage within each unit. There are also reports to show type of instruction used in events and variation in assessment.

User Activity
Many actions in Curriculum Framer trigger a log entry for the user, such as signing in, looking at or editing a unit, and creating feedback. Administrators can browse these activity logs for their subscription. The user interface contains information such as last login and number of portfolio units which quickly communicates user activity levels.

Feedback Worksheet and Rubric
Review your user designs using the included feedback worksheet and rubric. The rubric is designed to help supervisors and self-assessors alike critically examine the unit. This is an excellent professional development tool for improving curriculum design and communicating with your staff.

Your Own Library of Exemplary Content
Subscription administators can elevate exemplary curriculum by designating it as a master unit, making it available at all times to everyone in the subscription. The master units collection makes it easy for new teachers to incorporate quality designs in their own classrooms and allows the "old masters" to exchange intellectual knowledge as well.